Grupos Emergentes: MPA "The After Hours"

MPA "The After Hours"

The best way to realize that you are listening to a great EP is when it finish and the first thing you think is "I wish it was a LP". That is what happened to me last night while listening to "The After Hours" by MPA. I didn't want it to end, and I went to sleep begging for more material.

The atmospherical vibe of "Unearthly Stranger" reminds me Suede in their best moments, "Clockworth" is a song that would have perfectly fit in the Arctic Monkeys "AM" masterpiece, and "Hollywood" is a variation of the "American Woman" riff combined with the Black Keys style.

"Mystery Woman" is the most experimental track of the EP, MPA takes a deep breath before re-accelerating in the final stretch with "The After Hours", a perfect single to tear down the wall of musical recognition.

But there is even more, the melancholic sound of "Controversial conversations" is probably the highest peak of the EP, and then there is still time for a notorious ending with "July", another great song in the Black Keys mood.

And (unfortunately) that's all folks. We want more. That is the reason why we know this is so good.