domingo, 6 de enero de 2019

Grupos emergentes: The Cutthroat Brothers - Kill 4 U

The Cutthroat Brothers

Today we cross the Ocean and we travel to Hawaii (United States) to visit The Cutthroat Brothers, formed by Jason Cutthroat (Voice and guitar) and Donny Paycheck (Drums).
Jason and Donny already knew each other, since they both played in local groups. Time passed and Jason left Washington to move to Hawaii. Donny used to visit that island very often, so finally both meet again and decide to be “The Cutthroat Brothers”, and start working on their debut work in 2018.

“Kill 4 U”, whose official video is easily available on Youtube, is the first issue of the work they have done. The first thing that catches your attention is that the action occurs in a barbershop, where Jason and Donny are dressed in barbers white clothes, but stained with blood. So you think, “Oh my God, no one here gets out alive?. They have a really impressive image. Literally.
Once we have the courage to go to this barbershop and sit down to be attended by Jason and Donny, we discover the Garage-Punk sound that floods our body until we get infected and Jason hypnotizes us as he whispers the song to our ears. Based only in drums and guitar, they have a very interesting "Black keys" sound.

We should not lose track of The Cutthroat Brothers, they just need a little luck to become relevant. They already have the sound, the foam and knives to cut so many throats and sure they will be heard...

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